Over 20 years of experience and practice

Those who have been active in this field since 1999 have gained experience in every respect. We know entrepreneurship and turnover increase from practice.

In addition, technical and content-related further development is always part of it in order to be at the necessary level of knowledge for the customers.

It is important to keep moving - because a rolling stone gathers no moss!

There is no such thing as a well-trodden path.

For us, the way is NOT the goal!

Through constructive cooperation with other agencies, we offer our clients added value in terms of service possibilities.
It is precisely through this high quality networking that we are able to fulfil almost every wish of our customers. Thus, for certain tasks, we additionally fall back on specialists.

We also take on some challenges on a voluntary basis. On the one hand, it is additional experience, since institutions are involved that otherwise could not afford professional work, and on the other hand, we have positive publicity through editorial publications.

The most important thing with all assignments and tasks is: The work must be fun!

A few key figures


Start as an advertising agency


Gigabyte of current customer data


Sub-branches and more


Split air conditioner


Outstanding accounts


Fibre optic line
  • The year "1999" is important to us because the company is recognisably "from the last millennium".
  • The data volume should show you that we have a large number of customers and therefore responsibility. We are DSGVO-compliant and take care of the data security of our customers' data.
  • 49 "Sub-branches" means that we have customers such as
       - Doctors - including ENT, general practitioners, dentists and others,
       - retail shops for meat, beverages and others,
       - craftsmen such as watchmakers, opticians, metalworkers and others
       - and many more!

  • Experiences from each sector can be transferred to another sector.
  • A split air-conditioning system should illustrate this: Even when things get hot, a cool head is guaranteed.
  • 0 Euro outstanding accounts is intended to show you that the trust between our customers and us is very high and that this trust is valued accordingly. Should an unexpected bottleneck arise, we can talk about it. But we do not allow ourselves to be exploited!
  • Our 400 Mbit/s fibre optic line offers a high data transfer rate. This enables us to send large amounts of data to production even at short notice when time is tight. Many thanks at this point to Deutsche Glasfaser!