Client locations

References create trust and testify to competence.

Nevertheless, we cannot and must not list every client as a reference.
Some larger companies work with several agencies. We do not want to stir up conflicts in this context. That is why we prefer to omit one or the other interesting client reference on our internet pages.

The map* is intended to give an overview of our spatial client spectrum. Of course, the majority of our customers are in the immediate vicinity.

We would be pleased if YOU became a new point on our customer location map!

Below you will find a selection of the work we have carried out over the years.
We do not want to show business cards, stationery, flyers, brochures etc. now. That is part of the craft.
If you want to sell windows, why not show special projects that underline your capabilities?

* the map shows only a part of our customer locations.

vehicle lettering

Lettering on a Retzlaff awning workshop van. Large photos on foil to visualise the activity.

Or a beer with a story ...

machine labelling

The Regiomat brand offers self-service vending machines for fresh products, among other things.

We have given this Regiomat the name "Loskes Speisekammer".


To understand a package, you first have to "take it apart". The six-packs pictured were not entirely uncomplicated.

We have also had orders for cardboard boxes, sealing bags, shopping bags and printed foil covers for fresh herbs.

Each material has its own production process.

silo tower labelling

The labelling of a silo tower was a special challenge:

  • Determine locations for the working platform truck,
  • Calculate the maximum distance according to the inclination,
  • Coordinating the date for the working platform,
  • Coordinating the deadline for the lettering company,
  • Coordinating the date for the restricted traffic on the client's premises,
  • Finding a date for the best possible weather conditions (low wind, dry).

But - it all worked out!


Whether flags, banners, shirts, T-shirts etc.. - we take care of the highest product and usage properties. With the optimal printing process, you can have large-scale vector graphics printed on fabric just as well as motifs from photos, slogans or logos.

Let us advise you, because the cheapest fabric is often not suitable for all projects. If your flagpoles are located in a windy area, for example, you should prefer optimised designs for this!

photo editing

A picture is worth a thousand words!
That's why image editing is so important to us.
A photographer once told us, "Since he knew what we can do with photos, photos no longer have any evidential value for him".
In fact, almost nothing is impossible when it comes to photo editing.
Enclosed are examples - but please understand that we cannot show further customer orders. Otherwise everyone here would see the illusions we create.


Well, we have created many websites.
Here is a small selection.

We have refrained from linking them, because otherwise it would be easy for the competition to poach someone. So dear competitors: Search!

If you, as a potential customer, need more industry examples, please feel free to call or email us.


Creating and editing videos has been part of our range of tasks for 2 years.
In this case, we have recorded a selection of storage media - from punch cards to floppy disks to memory cards - and edited them to "old".


Simply because we can do it and would like to show you an example.

What would be interesting for you?

  • An image video?
  • An explanatory video?
  • A mood video?
  • An advertising video?


Of course we create brochures, flyers, advertisements, business cards, stationery, ... we have samples of our customers' orders by the box. But what is the interest today in a flyer that was created around 2000? In the past, attention was often paid to the number of colours to keep the printing price low, but today many of our printers have 4- to 8-colour presses.

"Varnish" for finishing? No problem!

Whether it's promotional gifts, posters, labels or simply "ideas" - it's your order that creates something new!
We will keep posting new projects, samples and ideas on this page.

Take a look again soon!